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Brighton’s CEO Is Another COVID-19 Fearmonger|opinion
By Harry Hotspur -

COVID-19 has taken lives and is scrambling minds. Brighton and Hove Albion chief is the latest fearmonger not to grasp the fundamentals of controlled environments.

“We have got to be careful that we do not misstep here because if we do, it could ruin lives. It could cost lives. And we cannot afford that.”

Belfast Telegraph

The whole point of testing players is to remove the tiny number that might test positive for the Coronavirus. These players are precisely the ones that need to removed from not just the sport but from society.

It would be extremely helpful if people did even a modicum of research before opening their mouths – furthermore – it would be equally useful if journalists were capable of asking lucid questions in the face such unchecked daftness.

We appear to be living through a time whereby few are capable of critical thought and fewer yet are able to digest even the simplest of information before talking about “mixed messages”.

Football cannot be stopped on the basis that uneducated people have taken an uninformed view.

Footballers that have all tested negative cannot infect each other or anyone else. It isn’t scientifically possible.

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