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Tanguy NDombele On Loan To Liverpool: Suggestion By French Source
By Harry Hotspur -

Strange one this, a rumour from our friends at Footmercato whom on a good day, a non-Coronavirus day, one might describe as an alright kind of source if one not typically blessed with super-duper exclusives. Indeed, a cynic might suggest that after the shenanigans surrounding Tanguy’s signing, or rather his subsequent inability to get his act together and be able to play for Spurs on a regular basis, that the player’s agent has been working overtime.

It’s worth refreshing ourselves with Tanguy N’Dombele’s form when it comes to maintaining acceptable levels of fitness. This is the third time that the midfielder has been pulled up by professional coaches. This piece from The Telegraph will assist those still struggling to understand why José has been such a meany.

This is not the first transfer tale linking the boy with a Spurs exit, in this piece of some 3 weeks ago, both L’Equipe and the BBC speculated about his situation. Bad teeth and an unsympathetic coach are not the stuff that normal professional sportsmen get themselves involved with.

A loan to Liverpool with a right to buy for a handsome lump sum is the suggestion. I take the view that this could well be cobblers.

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