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“Absolutely Disgusting” Sherwood Takes Pop At Jose’s Tactics From Chelsea Defeat
By Joe Fish -

Tim Sherwood has branded Tottenham’s performance in losing 2-1 to Chelsea last Saturday as “absolutely disgusting”, as per Goal.com.

Jose Mourinho was criticised for adopting a negative approach without the threat of injured top-scorers Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, with Chelsea have 17 shots compared to Tottenham’s five at Stamford Bridge.

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Sherwood could not believe the lack of “attacking intent” from Spurs and does not think that the high-profile absentees are a sufficient excuse.

“Tottenham were absolutely disgusting,” the ex-Spurs boss told Premier League Productions. “They were so bad. The negative approach.

“Yes, they have injuries to Son and to Kane, Mourinho keeps reminding us of that. But they’ve got Bergwijn there who can run in behind, they’ve got Moura who has pace. If they’ve got anything they’ve got pace.

“They both got 15 goals last season which is not the end of the world. You have to find a different way. As a coach sometimes you can’t say ‘oh we don’t have a striker’ and throw the towel in.

“If you said to Jose beforehand: ‘Would you take a 0-0?’ he would have taken your arms off. It’s not about that, it’s a London derby! It’s for all of those fans, you need to show more of an attacking intent.”

For me, these comments once again prove how clueless Sherwood is. It takes some ignorance to question one of the greatest tacticians of the 21st century when his own managerial career lasted all of two years.

“If anything they’ve got pace”, Sherwood said. So setting up with men behind the ball, to hit on the counter-attack, probably makes sense then?

And the 51-year-old doesn’t always practice what he preaches.

Remember, this is a ‘manager’ who took Spurs to Chelsea, inexplicably played Kyle Walker in central midfield, had Nacer Chadli, Harry Kane, Roberto Soldado and Andros Townsend unused on the bench, and lost 4-0.

I think that rings louder than anything Sherwood could ever say.

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39 responses to ““Absolutely Disgusting” Sherwood Takes Pop At Jose’s Tactics From Chelsea Defeat”

  1. Well at least Kane, as a youngster, under Sherwood was on the bench and READY, unlike Parrot under The Kosher One.

    • Andy says:

      Chadli moved on, Townsend not up to it, poor Bobby S never looked like it and blooding the young Harry. Tim didn’t appear to be too far off the mark here.

        • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

          His record is just short term stats during the prem era (under levy).. 6 months against easy opposition he picked up a few wins. But against man u and city and the chavs we were smashed 4-0 everytime… Under tim we finished 6th and we were ten points behind arsenal… How is that any good? People take stats out of context and run with them.

          • Like Mourinho it was too early to judge. How many new players came in under Sherwood.

            • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

              Sherwood was never going to be our perm manager. He was already at the club for time since captain and playing he was coaching our youth for time with les Ferdinand. He was only put in as caretaker half way through the season. He even had to do basic fa coaching badges to do it. Levy gave him a supposed 2 year contract because no decent manager was available it was just to steady the boat at the time. Towards the end of the season he realised and just turned and started slating the board, the players, the fans… He knew he was going to go end of season and his contract was worthless… Villa took him on but hes been out of a job ever since.. I like sherwood but he was a better player than pundit. And a better pundit than manager… If he boasts about his reign at spurs i laugh every time and remember losing 4-0 to man city and man u and chelski and adebayor saluting him. And timbo mouthing everyone off like he was a ufc fighter 😆

          • Like Mourinho it was too early to judge. How many new players came in under Sherwood.

      • Tappaspur says:

        Chadli and “capow” had some spurs worthy. Squad.

    • Tappaspur says:

      If he was physically ready like tanganga he’d be getting more games I reckon

      • Physically ready as in being Drogba Mk II. That’s what Mourinho is looking for – a lone striker which I doubt Parrot will ever be.

      • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

        Yeah for sure tang is 20 years old, so 3 years older and hel be fully developed next year at 21.. Parrots not ready at 17 this is usual… If he was as good as messi then he would be in obviously.

    • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

      When kane was parrots age 17 he was at leyton orient on loan… He made his prem debut at 19 under sherwood so he was a couple years older and nearly fully developed in body/man terms….. Parrot needs experience and developing clearly before being thrown in the deep end. 17 is young for stress and pressure if one isnt good enough yet. The prem is no cake walk.

      • Parrot is 18 now and if he was loaned out would be playing senior level football in a Championship side so not much different from the way Spurs is playing at the moment. LOL

        As I have said elsewhere, Mourinho wants another Drogba (lone striker) up front and Parrot will never be that IMO. Under Mourinho I think you’ll see Kane, when fit, playing more and more in that role.

        • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

          Big difference championship to prem. Everyones different my point is if hes not ready then throwing him in a struggling prem side could ruin him. Maureen usually plays one or three up top. Kanes been playing as a lone striker for us and england the whole time. A player like him can play with or without partners. Kane doesnt have drogbas pace but hes a better striker as his goals prove. Kane is the complete striker im not sure maureen is looking for another drogba.. I see no reason why parrot can’t become a complete striker. He has pace and dribbling skills like drogba. And he looks to have an all round game like kane i’ve seen him defending and putting a shift in. At the top level its all mentality and determination so time will tell if he makes the grade… Its obvious really if hes not ready yet then throwing him in our shower of 💩 really won’t do the lads confidence any good… When kane was 19 he was loaned to leyton orient and scored 5 goals in 18 matches…. So if parrot is ready now then he has to be a lot better than kane was when he was a year older.. 18 is young man you have to be exceptional to lead the line at that age. Messi ronaldo rooney owen mbappe spring to mind.. Parrot clearly isnt this…… Yet.

    • Tappaspur says:

      I’ve seen both Kane and troy at the lamex as teenagers. Troy’s was better than him by far. Cheeky mover that Troy. Can hit a naughty dead ball too. Top mid and bottom bins🌚. He’ll be here when the glory starts and will keep Kane on his toes. 2122 and beyond.

  2. GSB says:

    Will we ever dominate consistently again? Scoring 4-5 goals a match? Man I miss Poch and the team from a few years back. I knew those were fun times. I just didn’t know how good they were.

    • Tappaspur says:

      Yep. Remember shock at a loss (especially at home) shame poch didn’t have bigger testicles. Weak & greedy manager. He was in a position to DEMAND quality players from levy to keep this thing rolling or I’ll walk” but he was worried about losing money and the shinny Bentley. His weakness rubbed off on some weak fans too. Making them weaker.

      • Tappaspur says:

        Fk him. If I was Jose I’d ban his name from the training ground

      • Andy says:

        You could say the greedy 15 mill man lacked testicles to DEMAND a striker in the last window. He obviously didn’t and he never shuts up about not having strikers. Double standards.
        Feel sorry for you that you didn’t appreciate the best football you would have seen in your time as a Spurs “supporter”. But after reading your posts I’m not surprised to be honest.

        • Tappaspur says:

          Course I appreciated the style of play when he was here but id a rather he’d a played a different style and won couple cups in the couple thousand days he was here. The team was worth a billion at one stage. He got no cups out of them.

          • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

            The team was worth that because of the performances poch had conjured.. He even managed to make players out of the likes of tom carroll and ryan mason. We should have won something agreed but under a low transfer budget, low wage system we punched above our weight. Kane often carried us too. Competing against billions spent city manure chavs, it was always going to be tough to win. Especially with a dysfunctional incompetent chairman pulling the strings micromanaging everything he can.. The amazon doc will be insightful.

        • Tappaspur says:

          I’ve read your posts too. Much much weak rubbish

        • Tappaspur says:

          I’ve seen hoddle serve Archibald and crooks by the way. Mug.

      • GSB says:

        Weak, weak, weak….. Christ say something than means something. Big chip on your shoulder eh?

        • Tappaspur says:

          Big chip on my shoulder regarding what? For getting vex when morons coat of my club? Yeah well. A so me stay.

  3. Tappaspur says:

    The right players. in the right formation win football matches Tim unsurwood

  4. Eddie says:

    Although Sherwood is like any number of ex-players/managers,trying to stay relevent in today’s game,he’s not wrong in his description of our performance against Chelsea.We stunk the place out.

  5. The man that relegated Swindon Town.