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3-2-1 and we’re back in the room. Sorry for being offline and to those who prayed that I wouldn’t return; my apologies to you too, at what must be a difficult time.

Most of the changes are cosmetic. If you experience any problems, then it’s because …er whatever is playing up is ..ah, in beta. Yep that’s the one. It’s in beta! The new comments thingy from Match Chat will upset and distress some. That’s a shame.


So the Interlull is almost over and what have learned? As ever not a great deal. It’s been more about reaffirming nasty suspicions. The Bonzo balloon business rumbles on with our old pal Richard Keys doing what he does best. Which is making the speaking clock sound like a porn line. In this clip clicky he reads out an extract from The Daily Mail as if he was leaking the Oscar winners list. The fact that the hack he was quoting got his facts wrong, only made matters worse.

Bonzo got badly trolled on Twitter after the England game last night and it makes me wonder just how far away we are from a footballer getting badly hurt in real life. Don’t get me wrong, people shouldn’t have social media accounts if they can’t cope wife anything that isn’t undiluted adoration, but the gap between the ‘them’ and ‘us’ is becoming.

Bale was ‘approached’ by a couple of fans as he warmed up at half time, as Wales played Macedonia. My gut feeling is that gone are the days of some whipper snapper playfully ruffing their heroes’ hair, whilst chirpily shouting, ‘Well played today, skip!’

Instead were heading towards a some disgruntled bloke who, after spending the wrong end of £150 to watch a player that earns in a week 4 times what ordinary people take home in a year, decides to let him know that ‘an off day’ isn’t acceptable.


The John Craven’s Newsround ‘last item’ isn’t pretty viewing. Hugo Lloris seems to have a howler for France last night playing against Belarus. You can see it here clicky.



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