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‘Cold Broski’ from AJ Tracey, ‘Love it’ from Gareth Bale, Now Artist drops Sam Ryder Signed artwork

By The Boy -

Wilf Elliott, 19, was an aspiring golfer playing for the county at a high level but wanted to develop a further skill which he could pursue as a career.During the lockdown, he started drawing portraits of celebrities, and the aforementioned stars took notice of his work on social media.

The work of a talented upcoming artist is making waves and has caught the eye of big names like footballing legend Gareth Bale and rapper AJ Tracey. Two-time Tottenham legend Gareth Bale liked the artwork of himself by Wilf.

Celeb Spurs fans AL Tracey was also impressed with his own likeness ‘AJ from The Lane’, which featured AJ wearing a THFC shirt.

Wilf said: “I was really inspired by all the support I received on social media, so I thought I would pursue art in a professional sense.


“I went to different studios in Colchester, and they gave me advice on getting into the industry, eventually I found Monumental Ink in Stanway and got an apprenticeship there.”

Wilf, of Clacton, has a unique approach to art. As he is colour-blind, his process is completely different to other artists.

Wilf added: “You’ll notice from the portraits I draw, I keep the face in black and grey and the clothes in colour. That creates a contrast in the work between the background and the actual piece.

“My parents label the picture for me in terms of colours and I match up to their labels with my pencils, it’s almost like a puzzle as I piece things together.”

Wilf recently drew a portrait of the Eurovision hero Sam Ryder and got to link up with the spaceman who signed his work.


The art will be auctioned off and funds raised will be donated to Sarcoidosis UK in hopes of raising awareness for the condition.

Sarcoidosis is a rare condition that causes small patches of red and swollen tissue, called granulomas, to develop in the organs, usually affecting the lungs and skin.

The son of one of Wilf’s clients has the illness and has been struggling with it. Sarcoidosis UK is not funded by the Government, and Wilf would like to support it in any way he can.

This is a condition that I had myself for many years. When I was first diagnosed, I had no idea how dangerous the bloody thing was

Harry Hotspur

Wilf added: “I’m set to meet with the head of the charity and would love to raise more awareness.”


Wilf’s client with the condition – unsurprisingly to me – has fought tooth and nail – for every single bit of healthcare for her boy who has been housebound for a year, during the NHS’ prolonged obsession with Covid.

Trust me, she’s a fighter, she’s every inch a fighter. Great women are.

Harry Hotspur

Sarcoidosis UK is a tiny charity that exists to provide support and information for people with sarcoidosis and fund research into a cure for the condition. It is currently among the world’s largest sarcoidosis research funders and is passionate about helping to find a cure.

Sarcoidosis UK is dedicated to funding the condition, and they will continue to do this until a cure is found.

Spread the word.

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