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Antonio Conte’s experience and pragmatism will decide this London derby – opinion

By The Boy -
Our man Finn with a balanced offering ahead of today’s big match

Tuchel is no mug, and he’s made a habit of out-thinking us. We attack predominantly on the break; we don’t tend to do the “scramble a goal” thing through a well-packed defence, and we have little success from long range. I’d guess that Tuchel will sit back, organise a solid defence and hope to catch us on the break. The contest may be to see if our Light Brigade approach of last week will stand up to the scrutiny of a much stronger and more well-disciplined side.

I’d guess their first line of defence will be in the middle of the park, slowing our advance and allowing their defenders to organise for anything that comes through. As such, Bentancur and Hojbjerg will be key to our tempo going forward and holding steady defensively until our wing backs can get back to cover our flanks. I suspect that if Conte expects this too, we could be using the full complement of subs to switch it around to, as Harry says, find the right key to open the lock.

I agree we need to at least get a point here and Conte will go for a win if it’s on, but will not do so at the risk of losing a minimum of a point. It’s a long season and whilst an enthusiastic driving force, Conte is also an experienced campaigner and pragmatist.

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1 year ago

NHAt-trick for Steie B this afternoon.

1 year ago

Watching Forest and they have four new recruits from the Bundesliga who cost very little money.It’s obviously a league their scouts know about,whereas we seem to have very little interest in it.And they have 4 CFs in their squad.

Let’s see how their season pans out,they’ve been impressive today.Although it is only against the spammers.

Last edited 1 year ago by Eddie
Steve 'Killer Cushion' Williams
Steve 'Killer Cushion' Williams
1 year ago

I watched Tuchels pre match presser and he told everyone his game plan and it wasn’t to sit back… They will press us high, they will try and stop us countering by reading the play early and closing us down fast. He basically described Liverpool and the geggenpress… He also said our forward are dangerous with the ball and they intend to keep possession as much as possible.

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