Date: 8th May 2019 at 10:59pm
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No wonder his emotions have short circuited. Pochettino has got us into the Champions League final – using a squad that’s been left to fester over two transfer windows. A squad riddled with injuries and players who had previously knocked on his door and asked to leave.

The gaffer told BT Sport: I want to remember my family, it is for them too. For all the people that support, who has passed, in that moment it is amazing to reward them. Thank you. We need to be ready now for the next game Saturday and then for the final. 

Lucas Moura is routinely ineffectual and occasionally brilliant. The little Brazilian will be able to dine out on this hat-trick for some time to come. Poch called him a superhero – and rightly so.

Will Spurs be able to beat Liverpool?

That’s far too weighty a question for tonight.


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  1. roforofoSpurs says:

    We’ve already reclaimed the word ‘yid’. Today, we reclaim the word ‘spursy’, too. The BBC website says Merriam Webster must redefine Spursy, now: “to surpass all REALISTIC expectations, when taking into account all relevant context and circumstances.”

    I think that’ll be appropriate!

  2. paul says:

    Oh god, HK talking about being fit for the final, yikes, so that will most likely mean half fit which means he will most likely play, half fit, again, with no match sharpness, again.

    • poxy says:

      If I were manager, given that Kane always needs a run of games to find his form, (witness his August droughts as well his form when coming back from injury), I’d put him on the bench for the final as an impact sub, but that’s an incredible thing to do.

  3. paul says:

    Bootiful, bloody bootiful, big up Poch, lovely to see.

  4. poxy says:

    As Terry Griffiths once memorably said “We’re in the final now, you know!” Hard to believe, isn’t it?

  5. poxy says:

    An incredible achievement by our manager (and his players) against all the odds.

  6. poxy says:

    I said to Dilly “shall we go at half time?” I wasn’t actually serious (I had stayed to watch Villa’s very late show against Sheffield Utd when they were 3-0 down with about ten (?) minutes to go and drew 3-3), but I didn’t think we’d come back from 3-0 down on aggregate, I must admit.

    Actually, earlier today on a blog, I remarked that I felt this tie would have been recoverable if we were in better form and health and that Ajax after their winless home legs were under the radar somewhat when they won away to Real and Juventus (though I had rather fancied them to pull off a surprise against Juve) and that tonight they would be facing greater expectations; they would be favourites.

    Incidentally, Dilly was shouting for Moura to be replaced with Llorente after just 13 minutes!! I said to him, “You haven’t started already”. Bless him! That winning goal was our best ever Spurs moment together.

  7. poxy says:

    Dilly and I went beserk in The Walkabout. Great scenes, about eight others, non Spurs fans, I think, going mental, too, who had really been rooting for us. I detest hype and try to avoid it, but you know, I really don’t think I’ve ever gone so mental at a goal. I thought the last chance had gone, gallant effort etc.

  8. Lilywhite without the II says:

    I enjoyed the game yesterday and didn’t mind seeing Liverpool win as they were brilliant…however, the 2nd half today was just amazing and wonderful to see Poch so emotional and its made up for what has been a pretty crap year being a Spurs fan…

    Thanks to HH for providing a platform for me to moan and have others feel the pain but enjoy reading…👍

  9. Cabspur says:

    Top man let’s hope he stays and the glad one gives him reasons to stay like shit loads of dosh. Sorry I’m drunk.

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