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Former England star gives bold prediction for the top four race

By Eddie Razo -

This weekend saw both Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal have missed opportunities to improve their situation in the race for a top-four finish. The Gunners fell 1-0 to Southampton; Spurs also lost by a similar score against Brighton & Hove Albion. 

Furthermore, to throw another twist into the race, Manchester United secured a win against Norwich City, 3-2, to overleap The Gunners as they now occupy fifth place. 

With only a handful of fixtures left in the season, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will come away with that fourth-place finish. Nonetheless, it won’t stop pundits from making predictions as former England star Owen Hargreaves shared his thoughts in the race.

“Fixture-wise, it’s tough for Arsenal,” Hargreaves told Premier League Productions (via Metro). ‘They struggled against Crystal Palace, Brighton, and Southampton. They’ve got Chelsea, Man United, West Ham, Leeds, and Tottenham coming up. Looking at Arsenal’s fixtures, I’m saying no.”

“I know they’re close, but if you’re losing and not scoring against Palace, Brighton, and Southampton, you’re going to struggle. It’s made it really difficult for them. Tottenham are still in the driving seat because they’re ahead. Arsenal have that game in hand, but I think Arsenal will fall short with the fixtures they’ve got. Manchester United are just too inconsistent. Tottenham should be able to get the job done.”

Tottenham have a chance to bounce back next week when they face Brentford, but it won’t be an easy task considering The Bees are on a three-game Premier League winning streak. 

Furthermore, one of those three victories is against Chelsea, so they’ll need to avoid another performance as they did on Saturday against Brighton & Hove Albion. 

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Archibald&Crooks (SC)
Archibald&Crooks (SC)
1 year ago
Reply to  Paul

I see you are in the camp of slagging Spurs fans just because one idiot blames Winks (lets face it he is useless). Anyway you carry on your Team Levy & The Shiny Stadium crusade.

1 year ago

So, if we make Europe it should set us back another 22 years? Spurs fan logic. The reality is in the PL there are teams that participate because it gives them status and a better return on investment in comparison to laboring in the championship. More than 75% of the teams have zero chance of making it to the top 4 much less win it all. We loss a game because tactically we never adjust, but that is just my opinion. From the outset we went to bounce it around at the back and sideways. Reading a post from Facebook one poster said, we loss because of Winks. Mind bending comment. That is where we are as fans. The 343 with Royal and Reggie did work, Kane never drop deep, per Ian Wright to be the creator which has been the staple of our recent wins and he is right on point. Personally, I thought we should have pull Reggie and go to a back 4 with either Stevie or Sessengnon and that tactical move did not occur. We labored through and in the end get what we deserve. But ask some fans what happened yesterday, Levy and Winks 0 Brighton 1.

Last edited 1 year ago by Paul
1 year ago

Based on the run-in, I see us nicking 4th. But as HH has been at pains to point out, CL qualification will be a very short shift unless something miraculous happens in the transfer window. I haven’t seen anything close to what we need happening in a transfer window in a long long…… I can’t even remember.
City have been streets ahead of us in the league for nigh on a decade, and haven’t yet managed to pull ot off in Europe. We ain’t got a snowball’s under this joke of a boardroom.

Glory Costs Too Much
Glory Costs Too Much
1 year ago

It’s funny really, the team that finishes 4th will be a duff outfit that basically cocked up the least! I bet the other CL qualifiers will be trembling at the knees to face them!
Utd rely totally on Ronaldo (which could still be enough), Arsenal are bending over backwards to allow Spurs into the top 4, whilst we can only seem to beat teams on the slide and yesterday reverted back to our atrocious form of a few months ago and in Europe.
TBH Arsenal played well at Saints and the only reason they didn’t win handsomely was Forster in goal who pulled off a string of fine saves. But in all honesty we deserved to lose. It will go down to the wire.

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