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William Gallas Backs Spurs To Beat Leicester City By One Goal Or More

By The Boy -

Spurs old boy William Gallas told The Boy Hotspur what he thinks about Tottenham’s game on Sunday lunchtime against the Foxes!

“Jose Mourinho once said he’d never manage Tottenham. Never say never! I think Jose was desperate to stay in England after leaving Manchester United. He loves life in England and an opportunity came up at Tottenham and I think he made the right decision.

He has brought a winning mentality with him to a Tottenham side that have gone for so long without a trophy. Even if his team doesn’t necessarily play well, the main priority is taking three points. So Mourinho will definitely help those players change their mentality and that’s very important for that team.

They’ve got the biggest stadium in London, they’ve invested a lot of money on the training ground and players, so they’ve got all the makings of a big club. But you have to win. You have to lift a trophy and only then will people respect you more and refer to Tottenham as a big club. So maybe Jose Mourinho is the right man to bring a trophy to Tottenham, given his mentality.

You have to bounce back if you’re Tottenham this weekend against Leicester. You need a good response after that Liverpool defeat. You have to win this weekend. You have to show every other team that you’re not out of it. Everybody is now waiting to see if they’ll drop even more points. So you can send a good message out to your rivals if you can beat Leicester. Leicester are right up there in the table, so it wouldn’t just be an important win for Tottenham’s title chances; it would be a good win against a strong team.

It’s not easy when you have to play every three days, but you have to focus. Your mind can be tired, your legs can be heavy, but you have to do a job. The job is to go out on the pitch, enjoy your football and show the opponent you’re here to win.

I will say Tottenham will win. I don’t know whether it’ll be 1-0 or 2-0, but they are going to win against Leicester.”

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3 years ago

Idiots. Those are guys with on facebook, twitter. Instagram, all at the same time commenting the minute the wihistle blows and these dummy outlets pick up garbage turn it into headlines

England Mike
England Mike
3 years ago

He also made a pretty scathing comment about Dier.

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