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Stadium Opening After Christmas Sources Tell Industry Outlet

By The Boy -

Daniel Levy’s plate juggling isn’t going well. 


I guess it all depends upon what one classes as achievement. A 61,000 seater soul harvesting device is a business objective, whereas winning a trophy is a football success. Some fans are beginning to wonder where this ‘project’ is actually heading.

Wherever it is heading, the pace has slowed.

Construction News are carrying quotes that seem perfectly plausible given the evident downscaling of activity at the ground that has been widely reported by fans shooting videos of ‘progress’ etc.

“The numbers have been cut significantly,” a source on the scheme told CN.

“Lots of the companies on there have sent their people to other projects. But the job is coming along at a good pace now. It’s gone from about fourth gear down to about second gear, now it’s just idling. But it’s ticking along. The pace has come down, but the right areas are being focused on to get it finished.”


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It would appear that the bull in a china shop approach – with money haemorraging out the coffers to workers all on overtime rates has calmed – and perhaps one could argue that a greater attention to detail is now being employed, in order that the mistake ratio is cut back.

Good will across the fanbase is being slowly worn away as the actual football team are misfiring on the pitch.

The manager appears only able to act above his pay grade when there’s a microphone in front of him.

In short, we’re all suffering from a surfeit of talk and a distinct shortage of action.

Infighting amongst supporters online has reached a comedic level even I couldn’t have anticipated.

Apparently, some supporters are more devoutly supportive than others.

Isn’t that how Opus Dei operated?


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