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You DID Call For A Boycott

By The Boy -

The THST are spinning like loose change in a washing machine drum.

One of the myriad problems of the Trust is that none of them can speak properly, as anyone who has had the misfortune to meet them in real life will attest.

You’d stand a better chance of being covered in phlegm or kebab sauce than you will of getting anything coherent out of them.


So we explicitly did not call for a boycott of the game. We did urge fans to make an informed decision on whether or not to attend, as attendance would inevitably be an issue. We believe that was the correct thing to do. The word “urge” seems to have been interpreted by some as us calling for a boycott. We used it to convey the importance of making an informed choice.

Having done this, the inevitable next question was ‘what will you be doing as Trust board members?’ To not answer that question would simply not have been a sustainable position. So we said that, after discussion, Trust board members would not be attending the game.


If anyone urges you to review your decision, then they are telling you –  in a patronising tone – that your first choice was a stupid one.

What really grates is that these clowns have dug up a ridiculous reason in order to justify the boycott.


Trusts, like all fan organisations, exist to promote the voice of supporters in football. The way in which the views of Wimbledon FC fans was ignored when the decision to move the club elsewhere and award its League position to the new entity is one of the biggest examples of fan opinion being disregarded in the game’s history. And because of this, and the undermining of the pyramid system valued by fans that it represents, fan organisations still have major reservations about the level to which MK Dons are legitimised by the fan movement and have supported as yet unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue, for example through the call for the dropping of the Dons part of the name.


Let’s be brutally honest here.

Nobody gives a solitary toss about Wimbledon FC. Most people wouldn’t;t have blinked if it had been turned into a multi-storey car park.

It was 14 years ago and guess what, nobody died.

Football is littered with bigger, nastier beasties than this time expired sob story.

Here’s another brain surgeon from the board, putting a fan back in their box.



Laced amongst the ‘pity me’ and ‘mother knows best’ is some cobblers about Stratford.


And I’ll say it again for those of you that are slow on the uptake.

Stadium mk is fantastic venue, easier to get to than Wembley and an infinitely better ‘match day experience’.


The Trust are clueless in all disciplines but one, assisting the fans who are so stupid that they cannot buy a football ticket without someone holding their hand.

They should disband from this embarrassing folly and get permission from the club to set up a pop up booth outside the new gaff, where they can point out where the toilets are to cretins.

The boycott has backfired splendidly and those that do go (I anticipate a significant pick-up from outside London) will be wanting the Trust to explain why it campaigned so hysterically against what  remains a superior venue.


‘Our motive is in the best interests of Tottenham Hotspur supporters’, he says.

How is it in OUR interests to urge us to rethink going watch Spurs play? 

And some of you reading this guano actually paid him a tenner to say that!

You can read my latest piece for The Sun here ?





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