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‘You can’t really win the game” Alderweireld says Tottenham are still under pressure against Marine

By Bruce Grove -

Tottenham will take on Marine in the FA Cup later today as they continue their quest for a trophy.

The Lilywhites are massive favourites for the match, with their opponents seven tiers below them.

Most football fans have already concluded that it will be a big win for Tottenham, no matter who Jose Mourinho fields.

But Toby Alderweireld isn’t looking to underrate them and says that the game is one that Spurs cannot really win no matter the result.

As reported by The Mirror, Alderweireld said: ‘You can’t really win the game. If you win, you’re expected to.

‘So it’s pressure but it is good to have pressure — if you have no pressure, you are a little bit sloppy.

‘Everyone expects us to win easily but it’s never that easy because, for most of those guys, it’s the game of their lives, so they’re going to do everything to make it as difficult as possible.

‘It’s up to us to start well and give a good level of performance.

‘If we put the same work rate in as them then, of course, quality will beat them.’

Toby is, of course, right, however, there can never be any sort of justification for anything less than a comprehensive win over a minnow like Marine.

Can you imagine the banter that would be inflicted upon us if we do not win this game with ease, even a narrow win would leave us open to ridicule.

The lads better not let us down, not in this game.

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James McKevitt
James McKevitt
2 years ago

Just seen the Leeds score. Right lads let that be a warning. ⚠️☢️❌

James McKevitt
James McKevitt
2 years ago

My mind drifts back to Newport County and all those other handy fixtures when we had to send for the Cavalry in the last twenty minutes.

Steve 'Killer Cushion' Williams
Steve 'Killer Cushion' Williams
2 years ago

I wonder how strong we will be.. Second string or a mix of second and firsts…. Derby played their kids against Chorley yesterday and were done 2-0.. Vinicius and some of the younger lads I would like to see play today. Rest key players.

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