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Would Spurs seriously have come through that match victorious if our loyal supporters had been in the ground?
By Harry Hotspur -

Fascinating stuff lands on my desk every day and thought from TheFrosties this is worth your consideration.

I’m fairly confident that given the amount of possession CFC had in the first half, our players would have possibly felt the pressure from our home supporters, and we may have conceded more.

What I do hope, is that every supporter can now learn from the match as a whole and see what can be achieved… Jose quite clearly changed his tactics and formation in the second half to combat Chelsea and got the result – if anything without the supporters in the ground, this is given both Jose and all of us a real opportunity to see how he operates and for us to understand his approach.

It may not always be pretty but it might well be effective. After all we won last night and everyone is smiling and happy!! I’m not so sure about the home changing room janitor though!

HH says:

This is a great point about fans influence, and I’ve vented my spleen on the usefulness of Spurs fans endlessly. Ideally we all want to be wowed by our club’s performances, but surely not to the point whereby they achieve nothing.

It’s always revealing just how many supporters primarily want to be entertained. This may sound like a nutty thing to say, but in truth, it’s just another pacifier, another corruption of language to excuse losing.

If you want to be entertained, get yourself sat down in front of a big fat Italian opera.

If you want professional sports, that’s up the hall on the right and that’s where the object of the exercise is to win, opposed to garner the occasional round of applause.

I don’t believe the crowds at modern football are the 12th man any more, most of them are too busy eating, drinking, taking selfies or filming other fans with their devices to have even an ounce of their own skin in the game.

Last night was a spectacularly un-Tottenham thing to witness. We didn’t buckle and we didn’t whimper out. Remarkable times, but I won’t be buying as DVD, I will however be hoping the fans are locked for long enough to give The Special One enough time to effect the changes he needs to, without people who don’t know much about football deciding if they’re going to cheer their team on or not.

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