Date: 4th July 2018 at 9:16am
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It’s really very difficult to question whether Harry Kane’s world class or not – sure he’s not won anything – but he’s hit a point now where one has to ask ‘is that actually his fault?’

Daniel Levy’s ¬£200,000 per week ring of steel around the boy is looking like one of the few sensible things the ENIC enforcer has ever implemented.

England have been a bit plagued with mediocre sides wanting to stop them by cheating, and England have had the mental and physical strength to plough past these parasites (he last England player to be fouled more often in a World Cup match than Kane in this match [9] was Alan Shearer in 1998 against Tunisia [11].)

My fear is that the parallels between England and Spurs are all too crystal clear.

Beyond Kane there are far too many wasted berths.

Dele Alli with a note from his mother or his physio or his barber – there’s always a note.

The superbly mediocre Jordan Henderson.

Jessie Lingard who does something truly useful ‘once in a while’ [Terms & Conditions Apply].

And of course the ever animated yet simultaneously mentally inanimate Raheem Sterling.

When you’re scouring a squad in order to hand out praise and you end up giving awards to dull functionaries like Dier and Maguire, you know you’re waiting to get beaten by a better team.

Dear god in heaven, England’s bench then boasts the competition winner Danny Welbeck.

The force of nature that is Harry Kane could yet take England to the final.

There’s no two ways about it, despite¬†England having no midfield, and if Kane isn’t the one shooting, the balls tend not to go in.

An equally bright light however has been Kieran Trippier.

This has been a memorable tournament for the lad and it’s rare thing to watch such authentic displays from a English international.

I guess that’s what sets Tripps and Kane apart from the rest, they are authentically good footballers.

Daniel, that’s another wage packet that requires your immediate attention, another chance for you to do something remarkable; pay market rate twice in the same lifetime.

My money is this being the extent of Levy’s bravery.

A few quid on top from a pile of notes that are almost smudged from being double and triple checked by the heavy grind of forefinger and thumb to make sure that two aren’t stuck together.

Ironically enough it’s England that couldn’t half do with a Christian Eriksen, or a Mateo Kovacic.

Southgate isn’t being cheap by opting for Lingard or Jones instead, there’s the small matter of nationality.

But then I forgot about Lucas Moura. Silly me.

A player Brazil didn’t want – even though he’s Brazilian.

Those are the parallels and this is the persecution prosecution resting its case.