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Will Daniel Levy Still Be Tottenham’s CEO Next Season?

By The Boy -

There will undoubtedly be some out there who will take issue with such a provocative headline. That’s fine, you’ve been programmed to believe that some things simply cannot be changed, and questioning the status quo is fundamentally an irrational thing to do. I get it. However, my question isn’t constructed in order to win over closed-minded people. My question is aimed at ordinary fans, who like me are wondering just how bad things have to become, before Joe Lewis pulls the trigger on his number one CEO.

Usually, when discussing Daniel Levy, there’s a lot of invective and name-calling in the mix, so let’s park that and deal with facts. Oh, and by facts, I mean stuff that you cannot fix with replies that begin with ‘yeah but…’ and other such playground tactics.

3 managers in one season feels like the direct result of incompetence. Sure, you might not have liked Antonio Conte, but nobody didn’t know what type of coach he was, right? Same with José Mourinho, yet neither serial winner worked at Spurs. So it’s not as if these world-renowned gaffers were to blame. And just to underscore this, is Levy’s interference, which saw over €200 million worth of players sent on loan, just to hide them from sight. This doesn’t include Matt Doherty’s having his contract paid off, to expedite the club’s clerical error when they discovered they had too many players sent out.

Externally, the reputational damage being caused to the brand is unprecedented. Over 8.6 million fans on Twitter and over 31 million fans on Facebook, and yet these social channels are unusable for anything as they are drowning in hate and obscenity. Commercial partners cannot help but feel exhausted that any association with this brand, which they’ve paid for with honest money, has become so toxic.

Fan goodwill is spent, and commercial avenues are in complete disarray. How can Daniel Levy possibly remain in post?


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