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Will Daniel Levy Heed Sir Alex Ferguson’s Sage Advice?
By Harry Hotspur -

Dimitar Berbatov strikes me as a potentially difficult interviewee. The Bulgarian was on Soccer AM last weekend, and gave the impression that he is a man who is extremely economical with conversation.

Sir Alex Knows His Onions

There’s a column from him this week on the Betfair website, which I commend to you. Who knows how long that took to put together, but it was worthwhile.

“I remember Sir Alex Ferguson telling us a team needs to be changed when four years passes, not the whole team, but some players. After four years, some players start to get complacent, and they aren’t challenged any more, they are in with the manager, and they are comfortable, so a manager needs to shake things up and bring in new players.

This could be the case with Spurs, a lot of the players have been there a long time and maybe they need to shake things up and try to push the players in a way.”

This process referred to by talkSPORT’s Paul Hawksbee as “the churn”, and this is something that Pochettino has yet to experience in his entire time at Tottenham Hotspur.

We’ve covered the reasons why at length. To distil the situation down to one pithy line, ‘it was Levy doing his usual, and trying to squeeze the last drops out of every player purchase.’

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

As ever, we’ve witnessing another penny wise, pound foolish moment at Spurs, only this time, it has facilitated relegation form, which, if unchecked, can kill you.

The question, ‘what now, at Spurs?’ was never as simple, never as binary or sack Poch or keep him. If all the players need is a fresh face, then we may as well get Tim Sherwood back in.

The reality is, this squad has passed it’s sell-by date, and this is a perfectly normal situation.

Of course, the big difference between Fergie and Levy is that …Fergie knew what he was doing.

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