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Will Daniel Levy Heed Gary Neville’s Wise Words On Spiralling Expense Of Football?
By Harry Hotspur -

A brave new world they called it. You’d need a degree of fortitude about you to attend Spurs games this season, and I’m not just talking about some mediocre football that has been inflicted upon supporters in N17’s cashless colossus, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (naming rights still available, phone telephone: 0344 499 5000 and ask for Donna).

The cost of watching most top flight English clubs has reached a point whereby it is now a treat for most ordinary people. The cheapest ticket for a Category A game start at £52 for a full price adult.

The cheapest ticket for a Category C game start at £30 for a full price adult. Of course concessions are available, but they do not make up the bulk of sales.

Indeed, to find their median figures which we specifically discuss here, eToro used full priced adult sales.

Neville is correct, if a little late to the party. Football has become dearer, despite the match attending audiences becoming a smaller and smaller element in the equation.

Most people don’t go to games. Hence, BT Sport and Amazon’s foray onto this gilt-edged marketplace.

What’s included in the numbers? Car and rail travel, merchandise, tickets, in-stadium food and drinks and TV subscriptions. The biggest cost increases being TV subscriptions, merchandise, home tickets and food and beverages.

It’s worth remembering that best endeavours will have been taken to produce these figures, so just because you don’t spend that much per season, that simply establishes that you’re not in the median range.

Some fans travel regularly from outside Great Britain, as I used to, so their costs will eclipse yours.

Kindly note, that the “value for money number” here is for LAST season, and so if Spurs fail to finish as high in the division as they did in 2018/19 then, the value would naturally decrease.

The conclusion is not a complicated one to reach. The positives are there, but this is a potentially dangerous game being played out.

No matter how vocal fans might be about their commitment, all attendances at football matches dwindle when the team is not doing so well.

Being a fan is actually supposed to be fun, whereas spending several hundred pounds to watch a stale team get beaten every other week, is not fun.

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2 responses to “Will Daniel Levy Heed Gary Neville’s Wise Words On Spiralling Expense Of Football?”

  1. Marbella Spur says:

    Slipping down the league table, our form combined with the latter part of last season is relegation material, will lead to loss of qualification for the CL. This will lead to falling attendances and reduced season ticket sales. Season ticket holders should not forget that they were ripped off by Levy who took their money knowing the stadium of dreams was not finished. This will also lead to falling food and beverage sales. It saddens me to say this but I almost wish that we were in a relegation battle as this might be a galvanising waking up call to the executive who have allowed the playing staff to deteriorate due to incompetence and neglect. Still, watching a once estimated 250 mill walk out the door for free will bring a smile to my lips.

  2. Spurs est1882 says:

    Personally I struggle to attend games or validate the cost based on my other personal commitments (like eating, having a roof over my families head, and paying to go to work…) but to see us as the 3rd most expensive and 6th best value for money is worrying…admittedly statistics could be scewed with travel costs included (it generally costs more to travel to London, and to drink while there, plus could just be indication of a wider field of fan base, or that said fan base cant afford to live as close to central London as others can afford to love as close to Central Liverpool).