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Why Pochettino Was Right To Stay Schtum And Some Concerning Harry Kane News| video
By Harry Hotspur -

The European Super League looks to be nothing more than paused, and something that will return to haunt us, so might it actually get a fair hearing this time? The Pochettino rumours appear to have blown themselves out and Pochettino’s behaviour has worked out just fine for all concerned. And finally, there’s a small piece of Harry Kane gossip which suggests to me that things could well end in tears and to the benefit of nobody concerned.

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Mike J
Mike J
4 months ago

Humans are a fairly imperfect species. It’s not only money that speaks, but for millennial we’ve fought wars and killed countless millions – violence kind of works.

Yet… the legacy of the Nazis is almost universally condemned nowadays. The point of this tangential diversion into dubious ethics and morality? Well… however bad humans are, we have limits…. it’s not a case of the more violence and money the better without end (as far as most people are concerned).

In fact, in peacetime… even the morons you mentioned with their minor violent acts of speech and pugilistics are mostly condemned, as are people that short-tip in restaurants.

The same is true for the statement ‘football is all about money and so the ESL will succeed’. True, it underpins everything in the sport. But… fans and the general populace have limits. And I feel that a Super League where teams can’t be demoted won’t be accepted by fans and media (and if the politicians get involved, which they will be… it’ll be game over for the English Clubs a 2nd time).

Yeah yeah… the ESL would mean more money for a handful of top clubs (and wannabe top clubs) and so they will harbour hopes of being able to surreptitiously slide the whole project back into life in a year or two (when the plebs have calmed down). But… mark my words.. for it to succeed the FORMAT will have to have some major structural changes.

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4 months ago

It’s fair to say that Danny Boys popularity is at an all time low. Does he care? Of course not. We won’t get cash for Harry, it’ll be part-ex but as you say, H will end up hating Levy. Join the club mate, join the club.

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