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Why Did Levy Get Shot Of Mitchell & Webb?|opinion
By Harry Hotspur -

A decent piece from The Guardian this morning, which will make for a challenging read for those still under the impression that Daniel Levy knows what he’s doing.

Tottenham’s former scout David Webb makes a compelling star witness and, it is of note that Paul Mitchell’s name is inextricably woven into the tale that explains how certain players ended up at Spurs. Richard Jolly refers to this period as a golden age of recruitment which serves only to beg the rather sad question, what went so wrong?

“Mitch was very instrumental in bringing Toby to the club because he had worked with him previously at Southampton,”


Webb, who scouted Alli for his previous club, credits Mitchell with the signing 


The answer is undoubtedly that Levy prevented both Webb and Mitchell from doing their jobs, the failure to buy at all or buy effectively in numerous transfer windows deprived Pochettino of the oxygen he needed to survive.

How Pochettino was starved defies analysis, unless of course, one factors in what Levy is focused upon, which is delivering profitability to exclusion of all else. No matter how close one is to greatness.

Kieran Trippier and Son Heung-min were also identified by the men Levy sacked. Papering over the cracks is a phrase used repeatedly at Tottenham. It will be fascinating to see how Levy and Mourinho get on as time goes by…

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