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Who’ll win the Premier League?

By Harry Hotspur -

The World Cup is providing an interesting enough distraction, but the unspoken truth while it is on our TV screens is that it’s not really as good as the real thing. The opening Group phase tends to be tough to watch, and this tournament is proving no exception. Perhaps things will pick up once the wheat and the chaff have been neatly separated, and we’re all safely bedded into the main event end of the competition.

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It is often said that Christmas is a good time to take stock of the English top flight, as the holiday period makes for a natural halfway point; one that is arrived at after a fair amount of fixture congestion.

Arsenal are genuinely trading punches with Manchester City, which is pleasing to see as both are producing football that is worth watching. Pep Guardiola’s dynasty of achievement is built upon his obsessive tactical observations and buying the best players available to him. Arteta, however, is pursuing a route that many clubs talk about in aspiring tones, yet few achieve. The investment has been comparatively modest, and the personnel, now cleared of overhyped and overpaid deadbeats, is functioning with far greater belief and authority.

The curious cuckoo in the nest in undoubtedly Newcastle United, who despite what some rather shiftless fans might tell you, have yet to go berserk financially, and are again, more aligned with the model being pursued in North London. Which brings us neatly onto our good selves.

Tottenham aren’t having a memorable World Cup so far, by any stretch. Heung Son-Min is on his way home already, having mustered just 3 non-event shots in South Korea’s two games, and Harry Kane will do well to cling on to a starting place, if England can make it into the latter stages. Kane has an apparent ankle issue, but more to the point, he doesn’t look entirely on the pace. One fears for what condition he may return from the Middle East in.

As for Conte’s title charge pretensions, they are modest and almost reliant upon none of their immediate rivals miraculously waking up. Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea all look comparatively poor, having won just 6 games each, so far.

For me, the title could well end up in London, but the shrewd bet is on Spurs securing Champions League football again.




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