Date: 9th May 2019 at 2:03pm
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That’s 45 minutes of football no Spurs fan needs to see again – but it makes an incredible intro for the sheer madness that was to come.

Injured star man Harry Kane provided his team-mates with some inspiration at half-time of their Champions League semi-final second leg with Ajax after “going mental”.

Kane, who missed the game with an ankle injury but was in Amsterdam in a cheerleading brief, was unhappy after seeing his side go 2-0 down on the night and 3-0 down on aggregate.

He went into the dressing room at the break and said some words, according to defender Kieran Trippier.

They needed something. We were abysmal.


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  1. Aussie in Switzerland says:

    Advice required. I am looking on Stubhub at 2 tickets for Everton game in South stand at 200 EUR each. Is this legitimate? I thought upping the price was not allowed?

    • Lilywhite without the II says:

      Are you a member, you can check the Spurs ticket exchange..ENIC dont use stub hub anymore so I guess you take the risk unless they have printed tickets they can send you..

  2. SpursGoliath says:

    Lloris had a stormer when you look at all those saves.

    Seeing Hoddle celebrate is perfect

  3. Tappaspur says:

    Gooners supporting Liverpool, united supporting us. We’ve got them where we want them. Gooners are worried 😊

  4. Tappaspur says:

    I love you Tottenham.

  5. East Stand says:

    32k tickets split between the fans in a stadium that holds 67k for the final. Are UEFA taking the piss?!

  6. Urbane Sturgeon says:

    Absolutely love these alternative angle highlights with studio clips; put’s you right in there.

    • Lilywhite without the II says:

      thanks for posting that, that was great!

    • Eleventstonedidiots says:

      It may be corrupt as fuck with players being paid obscene amounts of money but no other sport provides drama like football and when you see what last night did to our manager and what it meant to people like Glenn Hoddle the game is still all about glory and winning shiny tin pots.

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