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Who will the fans scapegoat next instead of Jose Mourinho?
By Bruce Grove -

Jose Mourinho is definitely the special one when it comes to escaping criticism, in fact, he is a genius at it.

Who got the blame for the loss at Liverpool? It was Steven Bergwijn. Who got the blame for the loss to Leicester City? It was Serge Aurier.

We could do a sweepstake on who gets the blame if we lose to Wolves, which is very possible. You would be gutted if you got Mourinho because that is one person that will not be blamed.

Now, I actually like Mourinho, I do believe he will deliver silverware this season but that does not make him immune to being called out.

Bergwijn has worked his socks off this season, he has done exactly what the manager has asked of him and yes, he did fluff his lines against the Reds but so did Harry Kane and the abuse the young Dutchman received after the game was appalling.

Aurier has been transformed this season, he did not have the best game against the Foxes and he was silly to give such a soft penalty away but we lost 2-0 and lucky not to have lost by more, is he to blame for that as well?

Mourinho puts the team in these positions, he invites pressure and that inevitably leads to mistakes and that would apply to the best teams in the world. The only way to minimise such constant pressure is to actually attack the opponent regularly, not just with counter-attacks.

Mourinho is to blame for the football we play and when it works, as it did against Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal, it is great but when it does not then it is awful football that runs counter to the Tottenham culture.

Hopefully, we will beat Wolves but if we do not, who gets the blame? I want Eric Dier in the sweepstake.

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Steve 'Killer Cushion' Williams
Steve 'Killer Cushion' Williams
3 months ago

Maureen has been taking the pressure off the players. He has said more than once it’s a team effort. We fly together, we die together.

3 months ago

Sound words indeed.