Date: 14th April 2019 at 11:05am
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This banner was spotted at the Shopping Centre yesterday and has raised almost as many questions as it has hackles.

Having spent a couple of years in both Harrogate and Leeds, it was news to me that Harrogate Spurs even existed. I wasn’t alone.

Unless something seismic has happened very recently, then I can assure you that Harrogate Spurs only exists in some loon’s mind.

There are no pubs in Harrogate with Spurs fans gathered around a TV set. In fact, if you want to watch Spurs in a local pub, you’d better hope it doesn’t clash with literally anything else, from Rugby to horse racing or documentary on fly fishing.

The authenticity of this group is less of a concern that the signal it sends out.

The idea that middle class white boys in Super Dry jackets clutching 330ml cans of 4.1% craft lagers called Hoxton Moonshine or whatever, leaves me feeling quite queasy.



The idea that these parasites designed, printed and lugged a banner the size of kingsize bedsheet down to that there London – that gushes praise on the capo de capo of parasites – fills me with the urge to defecate.

Ultimate depressing cherry atop this particular guano cake? The damn thing would have to have to been flame retardant in order to be allowed into the ground.

Spurs play Manchester City TWICE this week and it will be fascinating to see if this depraved piece of propaganda is anywhere to be seen – as we ‘compete’.

Back the damn manager.