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#WhenYouSeeIt – Leaked Photo Supports Allegations Of Drug & Boozed Fuelled Tomfoolery?

By The Boy -

After too many years of listening to Levy apologists  e  x  p  l  a  i  n  i  n  g   how we didn’t want to ‘do a Leeds’, and how slow and steady wins the race, the unmitigated fiasco of the new stadium build has been tough pill for many fans to swallow.

The support has been well and truly split of late.

It didn’t take much, mind.

3 losses and social media in particular provided us with some frankly bizarre exchanges.

I found the whole Graham Roberts ‘I’m near you’ weirdness actually less weird than some of the soliloquies published on Facebook by fans who in a crazed moment of ego driven largess, decided that the world need to know just how more devout they were than others when it came to being staunchly supportive of an investment company’s plaything.

Dear me, the THST have even advised people not to attend a cup game!

In the swirl of flood damaged executive boxes, a miscreant sky diving off of the roof, undelivered membership packs getting mouldy in a lock up somewhere and ripped out fire alarm wiring, I felt that his snap all too brilliantly summed up the situation.

Where there are humans, there will be human error.



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