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When Is A ‘Not A Knee-Jerk’ Actually A ‘Full Blown Knee-Jerk?’
By Harry Hotspur -
Courtesy of @PaulSpurs

Before I start, let me clarify that this is not a knee-jerk reaction. This is based on 9 months of football and many, many press conferences…

Poch is done. Finished. He doesn’t want to be here. I love the man because he has given us 5 fantastic years of which I would never have thought I would see. I am grateful for what he has done but I can also see when the end is due. 

I also watch football with my eyes. And our football, the style of play and the passion, has been turgid since at least late December 2018. We have lost a lot of games of football during that period. And we deserved to lose those games. 

Now some could say we were tired and the lack of investment affected the squad during that period. And I’m sure that was a contributing factor to our performances. But it doesn’t stand as an excuse for sideways, boring, narrow, dull and flat football. That is tactics. And that comes from the manager.

This season, we are playing without our best centre back. Seemingly due to Poch want to make a point. But it’s a detriment to the team. We scraped past Villa. We were appaling versus city. We were lucky to have 4 points. And today, we got what was coming.

Huge issues in our transfer policy. Where is the pace and where are the true ‘spursy’ players…the ones who get you off your seat!? Huge issues with our set up. Two defensive minded players who can’t play forward against Newcastle at home? Please. Sideways football. Not passion. No pace. It’s dull and turgid with a complete lack of direction.

I watched Liverpool vs Arsenal. Joel Matip, who is not anywhere near Toby in terms of quality, was paying forward with pace, determination and purpose. That comes from the coach.

When we play, Toby labours and plays sideways. It’s a massive problem because our style of football has regressed at an alarming rate. We have been left behind.

The main issue stems from Poch and his current PR brigade. You can see in his demeanour, attitude and press conferences that he doesn’t want to be here. His comments in the press and the overall arrogance of his own self importance is affecting the team. He has ideas above his station. Reminds me of Eriksen….he has won nothing and flatters to deceive when it really matters. Yes, the champions league run was amazing but we had an unbelievable amount of luck. 

I love Poch. I really do. But thanks for the memories. You don’t want us any more and that is fine. You want to better yourself and believe you can do better elsewhere.

So do us all a favour and say what you really mean. Stop the cryptic. You aren’t Mourinho. If you want to go, then go. And let Tottenham continue to grow…

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