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What time do Spurs play Wolves tomorrow and is it on TV?

By Harry Hotspur -

There are no average games in the Premier League; each one needs to be viewed as a cup final, to use the obligatory parlance, or one risks suddenly realizing in the final furlongs that one is a bit light on points. At which point, it’s all too late.

Historically, Spurs have a decent track record against this lot, but in more recent times, Wolves have won 4 of their last clashes. In fact, ‘Tottenham away’ since 2018 has been a happy hunting ground.

The game is being broadcast by BT Sport, and the coverage begins at 1130am, which is when the starting XI’s are announced, an hour ahead of kick-off.

Plausible XI

Wolves’ form has yet to pick up from last season, and they haven’t won a game now in 9 attempts.

For me, Spurs need to take the initiative and storm this lot from the outset, early games for us can be slow starters, but why afford any advantages to a side that only managed to put one shot on target against Fulham, last time out?

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1 month ago

I think a strong chance of Richarlison starting today , our front three have started slowly and this would act as a livener for them and a boost for him . Sess will be given another chance but will need a good first half , Peresic is lurking ……………. Hope Sonny finds a goal soon , he needs energising. C O Y S !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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