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West Ham The Sesame Seeds In Our Baguette

By The Boy -

‘I appear to have some West Ham in my Cup’ 


The problem with the Hammers – beyond the deeply troubling psychiatric stuff – is that they treat every game against us like a cup final. It’s like a that small kid at school who keeps vying for fight; you become so immune to his endless goading that one day you end up going home with blacked eye and no idea how you didn’t see it coming.

The performance against Watford simply will not do, I know that much. And if the lads didn’t enjoy being shoved and bumped about by Huddersfield then West Ham United will be even less pleasant.

After a clumsy start to the season losing to Arsenal and then Wolves, the Canning Town Tykes have strung together 3 solid results. They beat Everton away, took a point from Chelsea and devalued our result against Manchester United by also putting 3 past them.

Then there is the mindset of our two clubs.

Spurs are an inauthentic cup contestant. The stadium repayments are in Premier League placings and squeezing the pips out of the Champions League.

Whereas West Ham have been bumbling about trying to basically justify their existence since they won the Southern Floodlit Cup in 1956.

West Ham are not to be feared as such; they’re more akin to sesame seeds lurking beneath the surface of one’s baguette as per the recent Pret Death.

Totally harmless unless you’ve got a gruesome allergy.



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