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“We’re poor but you are worse!” Tottenham fans hammer bitter AFTV joker DT
By Bruce Grove -

One of the most embarrassing Youtubers is AFTV’s DT and all week he has been mouthing off how Arsenal would beat Spurs. The man is a living breathing meme who opens himself up to ridicule almost weekly and today was a beauty.

AFTV stuck up a tweet promoting DT’s reaction to the lesson Jose Mourinho handed Arsenal today and obviously he was the usual foul-mouthed imbecile frothing at the mouth and being his bitter salty self.

Naturally, Tottenham fans responded but the real funny thing was, that Arsenal fans and even the odd Chelsea fan jumped on to take the royal you know what out of him.

I will refrain from putting up some of the more colourful tweets and trust me, there are a good few of them and will instead put up some of the more reasonable and humorous responses.

Enjoy, I certainly did

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ministers cat
ministers cat
1 year ago

JM gets a fair bit of credit for beating Woolwich.
I know we should be bigger than this but that game is the #1 must win when the fixtures come out.
Having spent so much time in London he will understand the gravity of the game.
As the great Bill Shankly once said “Tottenham v Arsenal is not a matter of life & death – it’s more important than that”
Maybe (just maybe) JM is a winner after all.

Enjoy the afterglow shipmates.

1 year ago

I agree with what these muppets said. Arsenal are rubbish and they did control most of the second half and we rode our luck, but so did they in the first half. We did look shattered in that second half, our fitness levels have not looked great in the restart at all. If our goals came from their mistakes, right back at them. All hail Aurier, Lord of the @rseup. Two, not so great sides having a good go at each other. Lots to work in but if the effort and desire are there I’ll respect the players a lot more.

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