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“We need a bit of time” – Antonio Conte preaches patience as he hopes to improve the Tottenham squad

By Eddie Razo -

The arrival of Antonio Conte brought optimism to plenty of Tottenham Hotspur supporters, and for a good reason. The Italian tactician demands that the club he works for invest a significant amount of money to improve the squad. 

At Inter Milan, the Serie A side spent money to land talented players like Romelu Lukaku, leading to them winning the league last season. Nonetheless, Conte’s appointment with the north London-based club comes during the season, talkSPORT relayed the message of patience. 

“You must have vision. This club has a great vision outside of the pitch. Now we have to start having a vision on the pitch. This is important if we want to win. I need time to change something here on the pitch,” Conte said.

“Outside, it’s fantastic, but on the pitch, we have to change many, many things, and it can’t happen in a short time. We need to work a lot to try to improve this team. There are many, many aspects. Not only tactical but also physically. We need a bit of time to do this. Especially to find the time, and it’s a bit difficult.”

January won’t be enough to make additions to the squad, which is why Conte asks for supporters to be patient. Nonetheless, many supporters will expect results from him. Former manager Nuno Espírito Santo preached patience, but his results only made the fan base angry. 

The supporters could be willing to be patient if they see Tottenham moving in the right direction with Conte and Managing Director of Football Fabio Paratici fixing the squad over the next two transfer windows. 

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2 years ago

Some would say he’s already bloody left!!

That’s why I say jury is still out with him and the other two.

They have two months to play themselves into form or harsh decisions will have to be made.

I just want a hungry squad who give 110% week in week out

Glory Costs Too Much
Glory Costs Too Much
2 years ago
Reply to  Harry

If Kane is sold we need 2 strikers.

2 years ago
Reply to  Surespur

Depends how interested Danny boy really is to make this happen. If he tries to hold out for stupid fees for our squad then appointing Conte will be a waste of time.

If he lets our stale squad go at reasonable prices (or even a fire sale) then we have a chance.

I would send Golllini back to parent club (get WBA keeper as back up) flog Davies, Docherty, Dier, Sanchez, Winks, Dele, Clark, & Bergwijn. Jury still out on Kane, Lo Celso & Ndombele (They have ability but not sure about their hunger & desire)

Buy two centre backs, two midfielders and a striker.

If we could get say 100 Million for 8 exits and spend 150-175 million for 6 incoming the net spend shouldn’t break the club and the wage bill should come down too.

Last edited 2 years ago by Harry
2 years ago

18-months is 2 January windows and 1 summer window. That’s not much ‘time’ to fix this car crash of a squad. This whole thing feels like it’s very much a suck it and see type arrangement, whereby either party can sever ties, relatively cheap, in the event the other party isn’t doing what they said they would. Next summer will be the real test of this situation. Conte has already shown at Inter that he’d rather walk away than work under conditions that are not to his liking.

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