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Video: Mourinho Comments On Pochettino’s Champions League Final Loss
By Harry Hotspur -
via ytCropper

Of all the many things that separate Jose Mourinho from Mauricio Pochettino, lived experience is surely number one on the list.

It’s important not to misinterpret what Jose is saying here, he’s not bragging, rather empathizing with the psychological damage that such deflation must cause.

As the Portuguese put it himself, like almost landing on the moon.

Liverpool of course experienced both the sensation of abject failure, and redemption.

It can be done.

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11 responses to “Video: Mourinho Comments On Pochettino’s Champions League Final Loss”

  1. Panama Paul says:

    Jose is a winner. An actual winner as opposed to someone who believes he’s a winner but hasn’t actually won anything(apart from some Spurs fans’ hearts, oh and the Audi Cup). One has loads of silverware on his CV and the other has loads of excuses why there isn’t any silverware while still feeling like a winner. I never thought I would see Jose as a Spurs manager but then again I never thought I’d see Donald Trump as a US president.

    • RHannay says:

      Opel cups))) Pochetino’s favorite trophies, for 2-7 from bayern he got his most valuable.

    • rtj1211 says:

      And Jose would have not have been seen dead at Spurs in 2014/15, nor would he have worked on a -£20m transfer budget to clear the deadwood, nor would he have brought Alli, Kane, Dier and Winks up to the level they are now.

      Pocchetino made the cake, Mourinho will ice it.

      Just like Ranieri made the cake at Chelsea, Mancini made the cake at Inter.

      Mourinho was less good at baking cakes at Utd….

      Mourinho is brilliant at what he does, but others have contributed hugely to all the success he has had across Europe…..

      • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

        1.05 billion on 59 players.. Brilliant at spending the most.. How can he not keep it together though? He has never lasted 4 years at any club.. And how could he moan about united not backing him after spending 400 million? On litter… Jose is damaged goods now, our only hope is that he is a fully changed man

    • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

      Poch won a couple of copa del rays as a player.. He kept banging on about winning mentality and philosophy and changing the clubs identity (which he did really) because its all true and needed to create any kind of lasting dynasty at any club…… As a manager everyones banging on about maureens impressive winning cv.. But noones mentioning that he has spent 1.05 billion on players at his last 5 clubs. This is more than any manager EVER topping a 25 man list with pep coming in second place… And each club he has been in decline winning less and less each time…. His last outing he spent 400 million at manure and they were actually worst off when he was sacked in 6th place 19 points adrift… Its hardly suprising that jose has won so much. Hes had more money than anyone. Real madrid, abromivichs chavski etc were always going to win… Poch has never had such luxuries. Espanyol, saints and spurs with limited resources against joses real madrid, chelsea and man uniteds riches….. Unfair comparison really. Poch has been punching above his weight….. Its now with no money to squander we will see how good a manager maureen really is

      • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

        Also pep guardiolas ‘impressive’ cv is from barcalona, bayern munich and man citys… Spending over 1 billion and having the likes of messi and lewendoski at his disposal… Bound to win…. The likes of rafa benitez bringing newcastle straight back up to the prem, and eddie howe keeping bournmouth as prem regulars… I would like to see the likes of jose, pep, allegeri, ancelotti take a championship club over to manage. See how good they really are

        • Tappaspur says:

          I think they would all do well at lesser clubs ,bringing them up and keeping them up. They all know the game and how to win

        • Tappaspur says:

          Eddie howe linked with the Tottenham job. I nearly wet myself laughing. Little Eddie howe at big Tottenham😂😂😂.

      • Tappaspur says:

        Clubs pressured José into signing big players.

  2. Spurs est1882 says:

    I don’t think it sounds like bragging at all. I think he is being very empathetic.