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Video: Jose Mourinho Fist Bumps Spurs’ #1 Ball Boy
By Harry Hotspur -

Ain’t no PR machine like a Jose Mourinho PR machine. Young Callum Hynes has become a star attraction at Spurs, since the arrival of the Special One.

It was Hynes’ quick thinking that got a fresh ball to Serge Aurier, who then kickstarted the action that led to Harry Kane scoring against Olympiakos in the Champions League.

Earlier this week, Hynes was a special guest at a prematch meal with the players.

Spurs currently lead Bournemouth by a goal to nil, thanks to that man Dele Alli scoring again.

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8 responses to “Video: Jose Mourinho Fist Bumps Spurs’ #1 Ball Boy”

  1. East Stand says:

    First comrade Corbyn says that the Tories let terrorists out early because of cuts and the next day say they shouldn’t be made to serve full term in jail. Make your bloody mind up you useless wet lettuce! Meanwhile Etonian Boris runs away from interviews and the Lib Dem’s plan to ignore the referendum result!

    What wonderful choices the voter has…

    • David Dillenberg says:

      Tagging Terrorists has seemingly been exposed as a futile exercise. Yes I believe that it was under Gordon Brown’s premiership that terrorists could be released without serving a full sentence.

      At one stage it looked like a comfortable Tory working majority I am hoping for but if current polls are correct it looks like we are facing the miserable prospect of a hung parliament!

      • David Dillenberg says:

        My heart always goes out to the families of these innocent victims caught up in the terrorist tragedy plus utmost respect for the incredible bravery of citizens who put their own lives on the line in apprehending the assailant.

        • East Stand says:

          These terrorists are mentally ill, much like other murderers. The kids stabbing are murderers too but the circumstances are very different. However, you go out and plan to take another life then you should never be released from jail. End of story…

      • East Stand says:

        A radicalised terrorist who’s even been involved in the planning of something is a danger to the public. I don’t believe you can ever ‘de-radicalise’ these people to the point where it’s responsible to release them back into society. Once they’re that way you just can’t afford to risk it.

        You can do things to help prevent it happening in the first place of course but once they’re that way and have been actively proving it, it’s game over. Never released probably is the safest option.

        Perhaps some island in the middle of the Pacific where they don’t do very hard time but lead a constructive existence and are de radicalised. They never leave but can lead a normal life, albeit without marriage, kids etc. It’s the most humane but safest way to deal with these ‘people’.

    • Tappaspur says:

      No more short “bird” community service. That’d save a few quid to put towards locking up dangerous criminals for longer.

      • Tappaspur says:

        Petty crime. Community service. Simple. (Pot holes)

        • East Stand says:

          Probably right, then put them into an apprenticeship to learn a trade, make friends with people in the trade. Petty criminals can generally be reformed. I’m talking non violent crime etc.

          The odd fight etc is one thing but planning to do someone and rob with violence etc, long sentences. Boot camps and character building and learning to work with others can help right across the board. However this stuff costs money.

          Tories have gone way too far with austerity, a lot of it an excuse to reduce public spending. Sure, we don’t want massive national debt but you have to run society ffs…