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Video gif: Sonny’s Amazing run and Frankly sublime Finish
By Harry Hotspur -

This is worth watching on a loop. The run is quite staggering, reflecting not just splendid athleticism, but complete commitment to the cause.

‘Mental strength’ is all too frequently in short supply at Spurs, but our South Korean’s move and finish here should be played daily on all the screens at Hotspur Way.

And what a finish. 90% of players would have made a mess of it, especially with the energy levels at play in the build up. 90% of players would have blundered the ball into the keepers’ legs, or worse.

More, please.

via Gfycat

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5 responses to “Video gif: Sonny’s Amazing run and Frankly sublime Finish”

  1. cincyspurs says:

    Anyone else notice the selling of Dembele has not only cost us in matches, but I think we miss his influence in more ways than that. He made everyone in the midfield up their game because of the way he trained and played. He set the standard! Now CE appears to set a different standard for himself, and Dele is following him right down the rabbit hole.

  2. Aaron Pitters says:

    FYI we won. Get a grip.

  3. victor67 says:

    Yes..gives the ball away or slows team’s tempo down. Wasting space. Only when near or inside the box..he puts in some goals because of his height.

  4. JimmyGrievance says:

    Fact the crowd were singing the Dele song about costing £5 mill worries me. He was £5 mill for a reason. He ain’t that good

  5. Marbella Spur says:

    I could not agree more with you about Alli. When you watch him closely, he does very little except give the ball away or slow the team’s tempo down. What makes me laugh is when he does his hard man act which mainly consists of pushing an opponent or making a late,sly challenge. He is the sort of player that I generally want to see kicked all over the park but unfortunately he plays for us. He will never improve and is a waste of space I have been writing for some time that he should be sold. The question is what is his market value now? Over to you Levy, given your expertise in pricing players we try to sell.