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Video evidence – Son did exactly what Mourinho demanded over a year ago

By Bruce Grove -

There is a lot of whining from Man Utd fans following Scott Mctominay’s clear foul on Son Heung-min yesterday and especially how the South Korean went down.

But why should that be a surprise at all?

Mourinho made it absolutely clear what he wanted from the players from almost his first day in charge.

We know this because the Amazon cameras were there for the All or Nothing series.

Below are two video’s, the first one is the manager demanding that the players be C***s and the second one has Son saying he understands what Mourinho is saying, that they have to be bad guys.

If it was such an issue where was the moaning back then? Son just did what was asked of him and he did it very well.

Both videos from Amazon All or Nothing


Mourinho making his demand

Son understanding what Mourinho wants

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3 years ago

Mourinho talks of changing the mentality of the team and having team unity. This must still be a work in progress! He does say it’s not an easy task. Not sure he appreciated how tough it would be with this bunch.

Is it me or is Kane like the teacher’s pet. Already sitting at the front before anyone else enters and only one to vocalise his thoughts …..or is that down to editing and response was partially scripted hence why he was already there.

Urbane Sturgeon
Urbane Sturgeon
3 years ago

Don’t get the disagreement at all, a purposeful flick in the face is a foul all day long. The way any player responds to a foul should be neither here nor there; the referee’s job doesn’t include judging a player’s reaction to a foul unless their reaction breaks the rules.

If flicking wasn’t considered a foul because it’s subtle enough not to warrant a big reaction players would be flicking each others faces all through matches – imagine the pushing & shoving during corners but with added face flicking.

Actually on second thoughts it would make our corners more watchable wouldn’t it.

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