Date: 13th April 2019 at 9:58pm
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It’s 2019 and still these mentally diseased creatures exist.

Anti-Semitism is in the very DNA of West Ham fans – a fact which is not up for debate, by the by!

Anyone who has read Anthony Clavane’s painstakingly brilliant, ‘Does Your Rabbi Know You’re Here?’, will already understand why football fans who happened to be Jewish – once upon a time – opted to travel from East London to North in order to follow a team without being abused.

STILL the descendants of those indigenous scumbags pollute the 21st century.

Who sings such things? How are such things amusing to anyone? I don’t can’t begin to even rationalise such behaviour.

Time however, for the Premier League to stop pussyfooting about with fines and bans – they are 100% meaningless.

It’s time for West Ham to be really hurt with truly MEANINGFUL sanctions. Really hurt them.