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Video Evidence: A High And Low From Vincent Janssen

By The Boy -

Former Tottenham ace Vincent Janssen now plays for Monterrey who beat Atlético Pantoja 3:1 in the CONCACAF Champions League, this week.

I’ve watched this clip several times and am still none the wiser as to how the 26-year-old’s first touch was quite so appalling.

In the interest of balanced reportage, Vinnie did score, but it does make you wonder what draws Tottenham to players that don’t work properly.

Good to see a smattering of fans back in an arena…

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The Kind Nihilist
The Kind Nihilist
3 years ago

Wow, I’ve seen Vinnie score, my grandmother is actually a cyclist, so could someone provide me with proof of extraterrestrial life, please?

Last edited 3 years ago by The Kind Nihilist
3 years ago

I think Vinnie was top scorder in his last season in Eridevisie before we signed him. I am guessing that played a part in our decision. It didn’t work out but not entirely sure I would call that bad scouting / recruitment… we have plenty of better examples of that!

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