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Video Analysis: The Longer Passing Skills Of Cristian Romero
By Harry Hotspur -

Romero lacks the longer-range passing of Toby Alderweireld, however, his accuracy is marginally superior both in overall passing 89.3% and passing longer balls 60.5%.

Additionally, it is worth noting that occasionally Cristian’s long balls are clearances that actually become passes as they find a teammate, which is a good thing.

All of this is academic to a certain degree as he might be moving to a different league, with different teammates, but it does serve to provide a flavour of the 23-year-old’s general style of play.

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James McKevitt.
James McKevitt.
2 months ago

Hope we see the best of Tanganga this season. I had high hopes for him but doubts are starting to creep in.

I hope he’s not another player dogged by injury and the blight that seems to do for our once promising talents.

Keith Browning
Keith Browning
2 months ago

He also proves you dont have to tackle from behind to be an effective defender. Jockey, threaten, but dont dive in (Dier, Sanchez, Aurier, Tanganga etc take note). Less likely to give away penalties or free kicks around the box. He seems to have read the FA coaching manual on how to defend from the 1960s.

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