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Unstoppable Force vs Immovable Object
By Harry Hotspur -

Maurico Pochettino lives a charmed life, make no mistake. Despite losing to a decidely welterweight Liverpool side, once that burning in his pride subsides, he’ll realise that his managerial stock has remained steady – at pre Champions League final levels.

A decent example of how things could have panned out is down the road in Islington, where Unai Emery failed to secure Champions League football shortly before losing his own European Cup final.

Thing is, there are lots and lots of Emerys. Europe’s 5 big leagues are packed to the gills with managers who went – close, but no cigar.

None of them are held with the same degree of respect as our boy Poch because not one of them was so extraordinarily handicapped by their own employers.

So that’s the seemimgly unstoppable force.

The immovable object is ENIC’s representative on planet Earth, Daniel Levy.

As irresistable as it might be to unleash the usual vitriol about this inauthentic little toad, it makes the wound far cleaner if we stick to irrefutable facts.

THFC is up to it’s knickers in debt. At the last shout, £627million pounds of it.

Indeed, becuase of the self-inflicted bungles, the debt was so out of control that the bankers Rothschild had to be approached to arrange *ahem* lengthier terms.

There is no money.

All the dufflebag cash (that this blog was roundly laughed at for having the brass neck to acknowledge the existence of) has long gone and the debts needs to be serviced.

We don’t win trophies because the ENIC business model straightforwardly isn’t designed to prioritise them.

The only money will come from player sales which by default equates to one step forward and two steps back – because we don’t win trophies.

If Tottenham EVER win anything under the Levy regime then it will be by absolute chance – despite the ENIC’s best endeavors.

There is nothing organic or covetous about the ‘different’ way Spurs work under Levy.

To even use this language is straight out of ‘1984’.

As indifferent as Liverpool’s performance was last night, even Poch went public before the game, stating the truth, that Fenway Sports had invested in order to win the Premier League or the Champions League.

Anyone trying to kid you that Uncle Joe will suddenly chip is having a massive laugh at your expense. He has steadfastly avoided putting his hand in his pocket BEFORE the businesses liabilities were greater than Manchester United’s.

Pochettino’s next chapter is sadly all too predictable.

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