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Watch Big Ange’s 6 word reaction to ‘that’ NLD incident

By The Boy -

The gaffer is right of course. There is no consistency in the refereeing of Premier League games and when you consider the importance, it’s pretty scandalous that such big decisions are effectively left to chance.

“It is the one rule in the game I just don’t understand.

Unless we start developing armless defenders I don’t know how you are supposed to block things and be in a natural position.

“It is what it is. You kind of hope these things even themselves out over the course of a year, but I don’t understand the handball rule. I think any clarity would be good.”

Looking at the incident with Cristian Romero, it’s ambitious to claim his arm was in an unnatural position, and perhaps it underlines the fact that most refs have never played the game at a significantly high level.

That said Spurs fans, we’d have taken it, wouldn’t we?

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