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“Under Conte” Paul Robinson knows what is required at Tottenham and the players seem to be on board

By Bruce Grove -

Tottenham’s players are in for some hard graft under Antonio Conte after they delivered below-par performances under Nuno Espirito Santo.

The Italian is well known for demanding his players deliver the absolute best for him every day.

Under Nuno Santo, Spurs’ players seemed to take their foot off the gas and did less running.

But that will change under Conte and whoever doesn’t meet his standard is guaranteed to leave the club at the end of this season.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg had revealed via Football London that he was enjoying the training sessions of the Italian.

Former Spurs number one, Paul Robinson, is happy to hear the midfielder deliver that verdict on his new boss and insists that the Italian’s training was never going to be easy.

Robinson said to Football Insider: “First of all, it’s great to hear the players are taking to him.

“The training under Antonio Conte was always going to be hard.

“To be 20th in the Premier League for distance covered, for a club at that level, is unacceptable.

“It is quite clear to see that Nuno was not getting the best out of the players. They weren’t working hard. Spurs were simply not working hard enough. Compared to other clubs the running stats weren’t good enough.

“Under Conte, the minimum requirement is maximum effort. That is certainly something he will be instilling on the training ground.

“Hopefully, it can be seen on the training pitch and on a weekend with him.”

The Boy Hotspur Says

One way an underperforming club can do better and get out of its current rot is to work hard.

Conte knows his players can only turn their form around by working harder than they did under the previous manager.

Some managers usually struggle at new clubs because players oppose their working style.

It is great to see that Spurs’ players are buying into Conte’s demands. Hopefully, their hard work will pay off on the pitch soon.

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Archibald&Crooks (SnideChump)
Archibald&Crooks (SnideChump)
10 months ago

Those stats were disgusting and proved what an absolute shower of shite they are.
No excuse for not putting in effort.

10 months ago

Get on board or get a taxi !

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