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Two Golden Handcuff Deals Please, Mr Levy

By The Boy -

While the Dumb Dumbs in the audience regurgitate the mantra of looking at ‘how far we’ve come’ – possibly one of the most ludicrous, cringe inducing phrases ever uttered – normal fans are keen to get Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld signed up so they can both finish their top flight careers with Spurs.

Without this class of personnel, Tottenham stand even less of a chance of wining anything than they already do.

While Poch is telling outrageous lies about the quality of the club’s Academy in his pressers, sane people are extremely keen to see Champions League grade players shored up with contracts that give us a fighting chance.


It’s really nothing shy of outrageous that Toby and Jan are still waiting to see if they have a future at Tottenham.

Well run clubs do not operate like this.

In fact, even Spurs don’t operate like this! Unless they are coaxed into doing the right thing.

Harry Kane’s £200,000 a week deal wouldn’t make many top clubs blink.

It was the obvious thing to do.

For Spurs, this is was fan-fared like the presentation of Julius Caesar to Cleopatra.

Pochettino had the audacity to smirk as if he was ‘in’ on something quite magical as he told us the club needed to be brave.

I’ve also been really brave recently.

My monthly direct debit for the TV license cleared last week.

There are no footballing reasons on this earth why any club wouldn’t offer our beautiful Belgian boys long term deals to see them play out their best days at Tottenham.

Yet we appear to embroiled in yet another Mexican standoff where it’s all the player’s fault for not being keen on working for less than market rate.

I am fully aware of how far we’ve come.

Business is booming; but the football team is most well known for finger tricks, being trophy-less and …homeless.


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