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Tuchel ahead of Tottenham

By The Boy -

0:45 Injuries? We have a timeframe foe Reece, he is back on the pitch which is good news but not in squad for Sunday. Trevoh Chalobah the same. Gave squad two days off. After Tottenham will give most of them more days off because they are needed. 2:10 How big a match is Spurs? It’s a big game, strange to see teams competing with us having four games less. Can lead to wrong impression is we’re comfortably ahead, which we are not. Big derby, played them 3 times in short space time so we know each other well. 3:20 Unfair spotlight on Lukaku? Ydes, welcome to reality, that’s reality. We are in the daily spotlight, like it or not. 4:10 Transfers? Dembele is a very good player, I was fortunate to have trained him at Dortmund for 1 year, should have been longer. We are not in close contact. I met him in Paris. I have no idea what his situation is, so better not to talk. 5:40 Christensen? Not with the team yet. Hope he is back in training next week. 6:00 Conte says Chelsea on a different level to Tottenham. Agree? It was like this in recent games, but we should not get confused. He prepares his teams to win. 6:45 They come from a late victory, which should give them a boost, we won CC Semifinal. 7:40 Mindset not right recently? Only v Brighton, otherwise on the level it needs to be. I could see some emotions took over, frustrations, and hard to play at our top level. It was the first time, so should not make a big deal of it. 9:15 Lukaku – confidence gone? I don’t know if I can explain it. Not a one-fix solution. There are reasons why he struggles, we have discussed. He’s not the only one we rely on to win games. 10:30 Do you prioritise any competitions? If you work for CFC you give your best on a daily basis. Being part of Chelsea means being competitive every day, with the right mindset. Will never start prioritising games. 11:50 Rudiger’s contract situation? I was full of praise for him, he is important. Talks are ongoing but there is no news.


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