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Truth About 2018/19 Earnings
By Harry Hotspur -

My thanks to @SwissRamble Brit blogging from Switzerland, usually about the business of football.

2018/19 was a hellva season for the clubs that managed to hold on tightest to the European Cup’s coat-tails.

#LFC earned an additional €4m for winning the competition (for the sixth time), bringing their total to €111m (£98m), while #THFC remain at €102m (£90m). As a reminder, #MUFC and #MCFC received €93m (£83m) and €93m (82m) respectively.

#THFC 2018/19 revenue of €102m (£90m) is €41m (£36m) higher than the €61m (£54m) they earned for getting to the last 16 in 2017/18. It includes: participation €15.3m, prize money €54.8m, UEFA coefficient €15.5m and TV pool €16.1m.

The benefits of qualifying for Champions League compared to Europa League are clearer than ever. In 2018/19 English CL clubs earned well over twice as much as EL clubs – even though #CFC & #AFC reached the final:

#LFC £98m #THFC £90m #MUFC £83m #MCFC £82m #CFC £39m #AFC £32m

To the unitiated – and we’ve had a few morons posting on here over the last few days – the extra money earned is all well and good, but as a lump sum, this isn’t simply ‘for spends’.

It is important to approach all the money side of the business in a rational manner opposed to shouting ‘oh look, here’s XX million, so we can buy NDombele!’ – it simply doesn’t work like that.

I spoke to someone a few days ago who was cooing over the alleged £800,000 matchday food and drink revenues.

For one, this figure has not been ratified, and for two, given that beer is cheaper inside the stadium than most places outside of it, what are the net revenues like, once the operating costs are deducted?

The repayments on the stadium debt have been rumoured at £25million pa., however this was before ENIC asked for the terms to be extended.

The money is certainly coming in, but then it always has done.

Levyologists can’t have it both ways. One can’t boast about back to back top four finishes and then play the Pauper Card.

The bottom line here is how long does Levy anticipate having to tread water in the transfer market?

Ideally Danny Boy should release one of his ‘thanks for your continued support’ messages, and clear the air.

Selling Eriksen and Alderweireld to buy two players to ‘sort of’ replace them is only treading water – and won’t turn us from a club that occasionaly loses big games into a club that occasionally wins them.

For Levy to sanction a notable change in transfer spending, then the money will have to be radically rejigged.

Personally, I’m stuggling to see how, let alone why that might happen – then I don’t believe in Father Christmas either.

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