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Tottenham’s board must prepare to meaningfully compete with Arsenal

By The Boy -

Attention in the Premier League has begun to turn to the outcome of this season’s campaign, as the rewards on offer are frankly quite fabulous. Last season, Manchester City collected in the region of €80million (£68.4m/$86.4m) in prize money during their stellar run in the Champions League.

One doesn’t have to win the tournament to collect a tidy lump sum, as 50% of the competition’s total prize pot is distributed amongst all the teams involved. Reaching the Group Stage is worth €15.64m (£13.37m/$16.89m) and the rewards scale up, according to progression. The fervour by the clubs to qualify is equalled by fans, who revel in their team rubbing shoulders with the world’s elite sides and the unrivalled bragging rights that being seen at the top table brings. Fans are understandably keen on getting the best value, and this online gambling site provide a comprehensive guide to the best current betting offers.

The door is opened a little more than usual this year, as the number of teams competing in the Champions League will increase from the traditional 32 to 36. The change will see teams competing in the competition in a ‘Swiss league’ style, allowing for an additional place to be allocated to the two countries whose clubs perform best across all UEFA competitions, but all of this is academic unless your side is in that top-table mix. In England, the Premier League is producing very few sides that look as if they have the legs for the burden of a second schedule of games.

Loathed rivals Arsenal are doing incredibly well in their current campaign, the Gunners are sitting proudly on the top of the table, but do so unbeaten in their last five games, with a goal difference seven points superior to Liverpool in second place, having secured a place in the quarter-finals of the competition. Former Spurs and Liverpool pundit Danny Murphy was typically negative about their progress to the quarters, after beating Porto.

“I think last night, at times, showed that they are not Champions League savvy, they could have got done on a few counters. A few of their players looked more nervy last night than any of the Premier League games.

That Champions League when you get to the knockout stages, it is nerve-wracking. It is a different atmosphere, different opposition, there are no mugs. the reality is if Arsenal were to go on and win the Champions League, which they still have a hell of a lot to do, no one would remember they didn’t play particularly well [against Porto] and needed penalties.”

What might Danny say about Tottenham, who have struggled so much this season? Sure, Ange Postecoglou has taken us in the right direction, so far, but as for achieving what Arsenal have done this term, it is unlikely unless significant investment is made in the squad.  On too many occasions this season, when missing key players, Spurs have looked inadequate.

If Tottenham wants a European to be a meaningful one, then our board needs to make some smart acquisitions this summer, it’s vital.




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