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Tottenham Star Explains “Hatred” Of The Press
By Joe Fish -

There are certain things that Serge Aurier doesn’t do.

One of them is defend.

Thinking – ‘You know what, I’m not going to make this clumsy challenge inside the box’ – is another.

And speaking to the press, is a third. Except, when he’s speaking to the press, telling them how much he hates them.

The Ivorian recently sat down for interesting interview with France Football and said the following about his media blackout…

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“Why don’t I want to talk to the press anymore? Because they sold things to people that are not true,” Aurier said. “Since that time [of the policeman fracas], I have had a daughter, who will soon be two years old.

“Before I had this hatred [of the press], if you say true things about me, no problem, I assume. But I saw crazy things, completely off the plate. That’s what put me in this impossible state. But I never fell for it.

“I don’t watch what journalists say about me or not. My strength is, I go home, I put my match and I say to myself ‘There, you did poorly’, ‘There, you could have done better.’ I correct myself after each match.

“I don’t have to wait for a newspaper report to find out if I’m playing well or not. Even though I was catastrophic, I watch the game. And it hurts me! But it allows me to progress.”

There is no doubt that Aurier has had his fair share of negative press. Some of it has been on this very blog, although this author has always kept his commentary inside the boundaries of football critique.

The conduct of the media is smack bang in the middle of the spotlight right now, and I’d understand any footballer or celebrity taking the decision to ignore the majority of what was written about them, even though Aurier’s stance may stem from ignorance and not self-protection.

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