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Tottenham star could be in hot water with FA, possible ban looms

By Mehdi Gokal -

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur finds himself at the centre of a storm following a controversial remark he made during a recent interview.

The Uruguayan’s comment, which suggested that all South Korean people look the same as his teammate Son Heung-min, has sparked significant outrage and may lead to a disciplinary action by the FA.

The controversy arose from Bentancur’s appearance on the Uruguayan television program Por la Camiseta.

During the interview, when asked about obtaining a Tottenham player’s shirt, Bentancur quipped, “Maybe from his cousin” because “they all look the same.”

This comment was widely perceived as a racial slur and triggered a backlash from fans and the public alike.

In the wake of the backlash, Bentancur issued a public apology to Son, expressing deep regret for his words.

He clarified that the comment was meant as a poorly judged joke and not intended to offend anyone.

Tottenham captain Heung-min Son has also addressed the situation on social media, noting that he had a constructive conversation with Bentancur.

Son emphasised that Bentancur did not intend to cause harm and stressed the importance of moving forward together.

However, according to the Times, despite the apology, the FA is aware of the incident and is considering whether to charge Bentancur. The governing body is currently investigating to determine the appropriate course of action.

As Tottenham prepares for the upcoming season, the potential FA ban looms over Bentancur, and the club awaits the decision on his future involvement on the pitch.

The incident has cast a shadow over Tottenham’s pre-season activities, with fans and the club watching closely to see how the situation unfolds.

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