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Tottenham player failed to impress Postecoglou on first day of training

By Mehdi Gokal -

Transfer insider Dean Jones has revealed that Tanguy Ndombele gave a very negative impression from day one compared to his Tottenham teammates.

He reveals that on the first day of the Tottenham players’ return to the training, Yves Bissouma came in all smiles and motivated to impress the new manager ‘full of enthusiasm’. In contrast, Ndombele came sulking in ‘like a kid begrudgingly returning to school’.

The first day set the tone for how the summer went for the two players. Bissouma very quickly impressed Ange Postecoglou, finding his best form back under the new manager and establishing himself as one of the first names in the starting XI.

Meanwhile Ndombele failed to impress the Australian and as a result, he was slated for yet another transfer, with a loan agreement with Galatasaray being formally reached a few days ago.

Dean Jones reveals that the former Celtic manager told the players the very first day that he was ‘ready to have fun’.

In his latest column for GiveMeSports, he wrote:

“Postecoglou told the players in that first week that he was ready to have fun. If you were not on board with it, you would be out the door. Postecoglou had intimated from his initial conversations with the club that he was not against the idea of a squad tidy up.”

“This is a man that does not hide the fact he wants to play football exactly the way we all remember it as kids. He wants it to be energetic, attacking, exciting. But in order to earn the privilege of being part of this new Tottenham, the hard yards had to be put in.”

Jones also reveals that his training sessions during pre-season were ‘grueling’ and they ‘remain intense’ even now.


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