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Tottenham locked in talks which could lead to fresh investment for the club

By Saikat -

Tottenham are reportedly in talks with US-based group MSP Sports Capital for investment in the club.

If the two parties can secure an agreement, the US-based group could secure a stake in the club worth up to 40%, as per Paul O Keefe.

The agreement will certainly bring fresh investment into the club and it will help Tottenham improve the squad in the coming years. Tottenham have an exciting project and a talented squad. However, they need more quality at their disposal if they want to compete with elite clubs like Manchester City.

Signing top-quality players will help them bridge the gap with the elite clubs and they need more investment in order for that to happen. Selling a substantial stake in the club could be the ideal way forward.

It will be interesting to see how the situation develops. According to Tottenham insider Paul O Keefe, MSP Sports Capital are one of the few parties Tottenham are speaking to and they are in touch with other parties as well.

There are a number of options on the table and it will be interesting to see what Tottenham decide.

However, O Keefe maintains that Tottenham are unlikely to splurge on big money signings if the investment is secured. ENIC have a model they follow and they are likely to stick with it going forward. Their mode of operation is unlikely to change overnight, even if a huge investment is secured for Tottenham.

Sustainable growth is the way forward for Tottenham, but the new investment could certainly make things interesting.

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