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Tottenham linked with former Man Utd midfielder that could split the fan base

By Bruce Grove -

Marouane Fellaini has been linked with a surprising move to Tottenham with a report claiming that Jose Mourinho wants a reunion with the Belgian midfielder.

The 33-year-old is currently plying his trade in China with Shandong Luneng and has a contract until December.

However, Voetbal 24 says his deal could be brought to a premature end to allow him to find a new team in the summer.

The midfielder was one of Mourinho’s favourites when the Spurs boss managed Manchester United.

Although Fellaini divided opinions among fans at Old Trafford, Mourinho selected him often and defended his selection.

They won the League Cup and the Europa League together before the Special One was sacked.

Fellaini, 33, has lost his place in the Belgian national team and the report claims he is keen on returning to England so that he can earn a recall.

Spurs have backed Mourinho with the players he needs for this campaign, however, his team is still struggling.

There have been calls for him to be relieved of his duties and any move for Fellaini will depend on his future at the club.

If Mourinho is given another season, the fans can brace themselves for the possible arrival of the former Everton midfielder who struggled under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

It is doubtful that signing Fellaini would be universally welcomed among the Tottenham fans and if anything, would be seen as a negative move.

This could split the fanbase and we can only hope that this particular speculation is just that, speculation.

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Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?
Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?
3 years ago

Bit late for april fool’s innit? If there’s any trace of truth in this the club may as well fold. A 33 year old has been who was cr$p anyway from a CHINA retirement home??!😵
This can’t happen but if it did, even the most deluded Levyologist surely would never spend a penny on a shirt, ticket or anything ENIC fc related ever again. Talk about staring you in the face. In fact I hope he does come just to wake the rest up, I expect even then itll be spun as another “top international” hahahahaha!
When the bulldozers were in and some fans were getting all excited about the possibilities of who may grace the new space bowl, if you had said that after a year or so they would be links to the likes of 33 year old Fellani you would av been called a gooner.

Last edited 3 years ago by Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?
3 years ago

Let me renew my season ticket immediately.

3 years ago
Reply to  Fanthfc

That captures it. Never forget Betty!

3 years ago
Reply to  Spurs47

Don’t forget Betty, peels the potatoes in the canteen at the training ground.
She was having a cheeky sauna when DL and JM (have to disguise the people) walked in. They didn’t see Betty as they were so engrossed with each other.

The bald one in his speedoes said JM, with the H money who shall we buy.

JM said the curly haired chap.

DL said what, Ronald Mcdonald?

Then JM got out his Ipad (waterproof and Heatproof) and showed DL all the clips off him lifting trophies and showed him his Wikipedia page.

DL was so excited, he gave him a pay rise and a new 5 year contract to stop him from being poached by some really really good team.

Last edited 3 years ago by Fanthfc
3 years ago

Split the fan base?

Get real. There would be almost no fans pleased with that signing

Absolutely waste of time signing and shows what direction the club is going in.

Sounds absolute rubbish, but with these two clowns running the show nothing is a surprise.

3 years ago

Believe this and you might as well believe that Lloris, Deli and Kane are off to join Poch at PSG or that Bale doesn’t want to play for Jose or that Jose is tetchy bla bla bla. Bulls..t all of it. Fellaini at 33 to Spurs-really?It’s just partr and parcel of a tsunami of media negativity-same old stuff regurgitated time and time again. Tired of ” reports suggest that…”;” close friends say that…”; “insider has lowdown on…”etc. Never a name to take responsibility, never a quoted source. Ignore it. COYS

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