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Tottenham insider shares his concern regarding Cristian Romero as Ange hints at turning down Olympics request

By Mehdi Gokal -

Tottenham Hotspur defender, Cristian Romero, has recently revealed his desire to represent Argentina in the Olympic Games this summer.

Romero, who is already expected to participate in the Copa America, has conveyed his wish to also compete in the Olympics, scheduled to begin just 10 days after the conclusion of the Copa America.

The new Premier League season is poised to start just a week after the Olympics wrap up, sparking concerns about Romero’s availability for the Lilywhites at the start of the new campaign.

Bryan King, a former Spurs scout and club insider, voiced apprehensions about Romero’s involvement in multiple tournaments without adequate rest, considering his injury history in the Premier League.

Bryan King shares Romero concern

In an interview with Tottenham News, King highlighted the honour associated with representing one’s country at the Olympics but stressed the need for careful consideration due to the demanding schedule.

He emphasised the importance of Romero meeting the demands of playing in the Premier League for a top-six club like Tottenham.

King said:

“It would be an honour for Romero to go to the Olympics.

“Most of the top players have played at the Olympics, such as Lionel Messi, and I understand why Romero would want to go.

“Having said that, I haven’t seen Emiliano Martinez calling out to play at the tournament. Romero has picked up a few injuries playing in the Premier League, and if he were to compete in Paris this summer, he wouldn’t get a break.

“First Copa America, then the Olympics and then straight back to Tottenham. Will he even feel ready to start the first Premier League game of the season? Perhaps he will want even more time off.

“I think that is too much and something which should be thought about carefully. Romero is playing in the Premier League for a top-six club and there are certain demands he needs to meet.”

Tottenham defender Cristian Romero wants to play in Olympics

King is not the first to express this concern, with Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou also highlighting the same issue with Romero participating in both the tournaments.

Tottenham might not allow Romero to leave for Olympics

In his pre-Luton presser, he indirectly hinted his preference for Romero to forego participation in the Olympics, citing the demanding schedule and the significance of rest.

While the Olympics are not officially recognized by FIFA, Tottenham are not obligated to release their players.

However, preventing Romero from participating could strain relations between the player and the club.

Romero has become a key figure for Tottenham under Postecoglou, contributing significantly to the team’s defensive stability while also popping up with some crucial goals.

His potential absence at the start of the new Premier League season could pose challenges for Spurs as they aim to compete at the highest level.

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