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Tottenham Hotspur 2024-2025 Preview and Key Dates

By The Boy -

The start of the 2024-2025 Premier League season draws close, with futures odds up at leading
betting operators. The fixtures for 2024-2025 have been released, and here we’ll look at what
they mean for Tottenham.

As the 2024-25 Premier League season gets underway, Tottenham Hotspur will face Leicester
City on the road. Spurs play against Arsenal on September 14, while the second north
London Berby of the year is on January 14. On Boxing Day, Ange Postecoglou’s squad takes on
Nottingham Forest, and in their last game of the season, they play host to Brighton & Hove
Albion. This is, interestingly, the first time Tottenham has ended a season at home since the
White Hart Lane days.

On the downside, Tottenham faces a reasonably tough start to the season from a scheduling
perspective. Yet, overall, the Spurs’ most demanding games are not concentrated like last year, so
the schedule does not appear too challenging for the team this season. No back-to-back league
games against the other Big Six teams are scheduled.

This season, though, the club will be back in Europe, participating in the Europa League in its
revamped guise. This will provide several scheduling management issues, which could tax
Tottenham’s chances. With many matches on deck, Tottenham will have its hands full and must
play smart to stay healthy and perform at top intensity down the stretch.

The reasonably easy Premier League schedule for Tottenham is reflected in current future. Based on a consensus of the top betting sites, Tottenham is +3300 to win it all, seventh
most likely to come out on top. Yes, it’s still a long shot compared to clubs like Manchester City
and Arsenal, but it puts the squad among the top eight teams with odds of less than +15000.

This means that Spurs may be a decent dark horse futures betting choice this season.
First and foremost for Spurs fans, September 14 is the first instalment of the North London
derby of the year. Starting his second season as Spurs manager, Ange Postecoglou will travel
to face newly-promoted Leicester City on August 19. This means Spurs and Leicester will be the
final Premier League teams to kick off their 2024-25 season. Ultimately, on May 25, they will
meet Brighton at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to wrap out the season.

Regarding key dates for the season, the transfer window was formally opened on Friday, June
14. Then, as the month concludes, June 30 will be the infamous cut-off date for the 2023-24
profit and sustainability rules (PSR) reporting period. Clubs have until Friday, August 30, at 11
PM BST (6 PM EST) to submit.

A new winter transfer window has been announced, with its opening set for January 1 and its
closing for February 3. Premier League action resumes the weekend of August 16-18, following
the Community Shield by one week. This one will occur in Manchester, like last year’s FA Cup final. On Saturday, May 25, all ten Premier League matches will simultaneously occur, crowning
the season. The third round of the FA Cup begins on Thursday, January 11, and club teams from the
Premier League will be eligible to participate.

To kick off, the Carabao Cup in the middle of August, the Premier League clubs that aren’t competing in Europe will face off in the second round, while the other seven clubs will advance to the third round directly via a bye.

Conversely, September 17th marks the start of the recently expanded Champions League. The
Europa League will begin on September 25, and the Europa Conference League will start on October 3.
After finishing in fifth place last season, Tottenham were guaranteed a spot in the Europa
League for the upcoming season. All three of UEFA‘s club competitions are reorganising, and
the Europa League’s new format will debut this year.

The Europa League will have a streamlined 36-team league phase. With four home games and
four away games for each team, the top eight teams in each group advance to the final 16.
Ranks 9-24 compete in a round of knockout play-offs to decide the eight teams who will
advance to the last 16. The Bilbao San Mames Stadium will host the Europa League final.

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